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How to Trade in Your Car

Are you shopping for a new or used vehicle near Darlington? If you have a trade-in car, you can use our trade-in calculator to get a market-based estimate of how much it’s worth. Simply plug in details about the vehicle’s make, model, model year, trim level, and condition, and mention any accessories or upgrades it features. Then, submit the details to receive an estimate of how much it’s worth. You can bring this quote with you as leverage when selling or trading in your vehicle. Let’s take a look at the other steps of how to trade in your car. Then, contact Five Star Chevrolet Florence for further assistance.

Key Steps of How to Trade in Your Car

Once you’ve used our calculator to get an estimate of the street value of your trade-in car, there are a few more steps you’ll need to take in order to receive an official offer. They include:

  • Clean your out, and consider getting it detailed if there’s upholstery damage and lots of scratches on the exterior. That said, make sure any detailing is cost-effective.
  • Don’t worry about getting a tune-up. If the vehicle needs a major repair that’s cost-effective to perform, take care of it in advance. If the repair is a big one, and you’re just trying to get whatever you can for your vehicle, then don’t sweat it.
  • Make note of any accessories your vehicle features, as well as whether it’s been maintained in accordance with its recommended service schedule. Also, let us know how many pairs of keys you have.
  • Now it’s time to reach out to your sales manager. They’ll arrange an inspection of your vehicle and make an offer. From there, you can negotiate.
  • Once you’ve reached an agreement, you’ll need to decide whether to accept the value of your Sumter trade-in car in the form of a check or as credit.

Reach Out to Our Team For a Trade-in Car Inspection Near Marion

Now that you’ve reviewed the steps of how to trade in your car, if you’re ready to begin the proceedings, call Five Star Chevrolet Florence at (843) 277-9169. We’ll arrange an appointment to have your vehicle inspected and provide you with an official offer, which you can accept in credit or cash! If you plan on taking the value in credit, be sure to apply for financing in advance to streamline the process of getting into your next car. And don’t forget to browse our inventory of new vehicle specials and pre-owned vehicle specials to start exploring your options!