5 Safest Chevy Cars for Teenage Drivers

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2024 Chevy Equinox parked on the street


It’s that time of year when all the kids go back to school. If you’re the parent of a teenager, they might be ready to drive themselves to South Florence High School for the first time. One major thing that lingers in the minds of all parents is the safety and well-being of their children, so the idea of them driving around Francis Marion University alone may be daunting. Teenagers are new on the roads, and often this lack of experience can lead to fender benders and other mishaps. What, then, are the safety cars for new drivers?

You may have already done some research about safety and reliability, but we are here to answer the overarching question, “Which car is best for teenage drivers?” Luckily, there is a wide array of new safety and driver assistance features available to give your teen a little extra help and give you a little more peace of mind. Take a moment to explore some of our recommendations, and then, apply for financing and contact Five Star Chevrolet Florence to arrange a test drive near Darlington.

Which Safety Features to Look For

Don’t worry, our automotive experts have assembled a comprehensive list going through some of the best Chevy options for your new driver.

Chevrolet models offer innovative safety technologies, such as Blind-Spot Monitoring and Adaptive Cruise Control, both of which allow new drivers to be more aware of their surroundings and hopefully help them avoid potential accidents on Sumter streets. Chevy also provides its vehicles with a remarkable suite of Teen Driver Technology features, specifically designed to keep new drivers safe. This system allows parents to set volume limits on the radio, speed limits and warnings, and more. There’s also an in-vehicle report card that provides information about your teen’s driving habits as they commute to South Florence High School or Francis Marion University. One of the most unique features is the seat belt audio mute, which silences the radio until all front-seat passengers buckle up. Safety is obviously a top priority as a parent, and Chevrolet is one of the top brands for safety on the market. Here is our list of the 5 safest Chevy cars and SUVs for teenage drivers to help you make an informed decision.

What Are the Safest Cars for New Drivers?

2018-2024 Chevy Equinox

The 2018 Chevy Equinox received good scores on all crash testing categories in the IIHS testing procedures, and the newer models continue to impress us with their safety and security. Additionally, the 2018 version of this SUV received a glowing 5-star review from the NHTSA for its safety capabilities. The 2020 model adds some amazing driver assistance features that will help your teen develop good habits. The all-new 2020 Equinox provides the ultimate peace of mind with Adaptive Cruise Control that helps prevent following too closely, as teens are sometimes known to do. This feature adjusts your speed automatically when it senses you’re too close to the car ahead.

2019-2024 Chevy Traverse

In 2019, the NHTSA awarded the Chevy Traverse with a 5-star rating to acknowledge its protection capabilities. This rating is well deserved since this powerhouse has modern technology to help your teen thrive. The Rear View Camera can help them avoid fender benders while trying to park. Additionally, Lane Departure Warning gives your teen an audio and visual alert when the system senses that they’re drifting away from the center of the lane. This feature is great for young drivers who are prone to distractions since it keeps the car’s positioning in check.

2018-2024 Chevy Trax

The 2018 model of the Chevy Trax also received a 5-star rating from the NHTSA. It has features like Forward Collision Warning, which is helpful in preventing collisions, as the system alerts the driver when it senses an upcoming obstacle approaching rapidly. Additionally, Blind Spot Monitoring is great for new drivers, who might not have a good habit of checking their blind spot.

2017-2024 Chevy Malibu

The 2017 Chevy Malibu was awarded the title of an IIHS Top Safety Pick when it was equipped with the available Driver Confidence Package. This package brought in a new era of innovation by introducing Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which alerts your teen when there is a potential obstacle in their rearbound path. This mid-sized car is perfect as a starter car because it has the Blind-Spot Monitoring and Rearview Camera that your teen needs, while still being zippy and compact. The Malibu is also one of the few Chevy models to contain the industry-first Buckle to Drive feature, which prevents drivers from shifting out of the park if the seatbelt is not on.

2017 – 2023 Chevy Bolt EV

Like the Malibu, the 2017 Bolt was named an IIHS Top Safety Pick when outfitted with the Driver Confidence package. The Driver Confidence Package features blind spot monitoring and lane-departure warning, rear cross-traffic alert, and rear parking sensors. Additionally, Automatic Emergency Braking helps lessen the severity of an accident by automatically applying the brakes when needed. If you are the parent of an eco-conscious teen, the Bolt EV has incredible electric range. You won’t have to worry about them running out of gas anymore, the electric engine has got them covered while they’re out on the road.

Find the Safest Car for Your Teen Near Marion

We chose these models because they combined popular safety features with practicality. Not only that, but all of these options are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to invest too much in a car for a high-risk new driver. Browse our online inventory and see which one best suits your needs. When you find the perfect starter Chevy for your teen, we offer free delivery at no cost to you! While you’re here, however, be sure to explore our Chevrolet research guides. Here, you’ll find all kinds of helpful articles on a wide variety of topics, including our overview of the most fuel-efficient SUVs, our primer on how to shop for a used vehicle, our picks for the best used cars on the market, and more! And finally, take a moment to learn about the complimentary lifetime new vehicle warranty and limited used vehicle warranty we offer on the vehicles we sell!

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